Schaltbau Powers Electrification in Energy and E-mobility Markets with New Brand Eddicy

The energy and e-mobility sectors top the list of fast-growing markets of the future for good reason: they both exist where technological advancements, global challenges, and altering consumer patterns converge. They also have something else in common, they address important needs of tomorrow in a world that’s driven by digitization and automation, as well as the urgent need to address climate change by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources.

With the growing number of devices generating and using direct current, such as solar panels, wind turbines or batteries, comes the opportunity to facilitate the transformation to a climate-neutral economy. By distributing DC power to DC devices, it is possible to avoid substantial energy losses that occur when electricity is converted. Eddicy products are designed to unlock the full potential of electrification as they reliably switch, connect, control, and protect DC applications such as charging, energy storage stations, and electric vehicles of all kinds.

As a global market leader in direct current (DC) technology, Eddicy, a new sub-brand of Schaltbau, will cater to customers in energy and e-mobility and to serve them with a differentiated portfolio of products customized to their industrial needs.

Edison + DC = Eddicy

The name Eddicy and its logo symbolize Schaltbau’s expertise in direct current technology as well as its forward momentum: It is derived from direct current proponent and American inventor Thomas Alva Edison and the abbreviation "DC" for direct current. In the Eddicy logo, the dots above and below the "i" represent a positive and negative charge and the "i" with its two dots resembles an early Edison DC generator.


Today, direct current (DC) generators have a myriad of uses across various industries. In the automotive industry, they are for instance used in cars for battery charging systems. And in the energy sector, the use of DC generators in renewable energy sources has further increased their significance in recent times. Eddicy stands for the dynamism of direct current applications in these new markets and for the passion, agility, and innovation it takes to play a leading role in them.


Driving Schaltbau’s evolution

The launch of Eddicy is part of a broader corporate brand refresh at Schaltbau. The brand update reflects the commitment to deliver pioneering solutions that help electrify the world. It also underscores the company’s drive to further strengthen its core business as a trusted supplier in the global rail market which Schaltbau will continue serving together with SPII.


Guided by quality, passion, partnership, and agility, Schaltbau is on a mission to unlock the full potential of electrification. And, as global technology leaders for DC, Schaltbau aims to set the benchmark for safety and efficiency in an electrified world that is connected by advanced technology, fueled by innovation, and powered by a commitment to a better tomorrow.

Key features of the launch of Eddicy and corporate brand refresh include modernized logos, a redesigned website, and newly defined corporate mission, vision and values that reflect the strategic focus of the organization. The branding will be rolled out globally in the coming weeks and months to customers, partners, and stakeholders alike.

Explore our updated website at www.schaltbau.com and stay connected on our LinkedIn account for Schaltbau and Eddicy news.