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Schaltbau Launches Sub-brand for Growth Markets Energy and E-mobility

Introduction of Eddicy as part of larger corporate brand update

Schaltbau, a global market leader in direct current (DC) technology, today launched its new sub-brand Eddicy for its fast-growing markets of energy and e-mobility. This will allow the company to reach varied customer segments with a differentiated portfolio of products customized to industrial needs.

eddicy_Logoanimation“Schaltbau has always been synonymous with innovation, high-quality and reliability,” says CEO Steffen Munz, CEO, Schaltbau. “The launch of Eddicy is the latest testament that we are not just adapting to change. We are driving it. Leveraging our expertise in railway applications, we are transforming ourselves into a technology leader for DC power in the energy and e-mobility sectors as well. This marks a pivotal moment in our history, as we continue to innovate and set the benchmark for excellence in our industry.” 

Eddicy products are designed to unlock the full potential of electrification for a more sustainable, carbon-free future as they reliable switch, connect, control, and protect DC applications in energy and e-mobility such as charging stations, energy storage systems, and electric vehicles of all kinds. DC applications and products that switch, protect, and secure high-voltage power play a crucial role in the transformation to a climate-neutral economy.

Schaltbau LogoThe launch of Eddicy is part of a broader corporate brand refresh at Schaltbau that includes modernized logos, a redesigned website, and newly defined corporate mission, vision and values that reflect the strategic focus of the organization. 

The brand update reflects the commitment to deliver pioneering solutions that help electrify the world. It also underscores the company’s drive to further strengthen its core business as a trusted supplier in the global rail market which Schaltbau will continue serving together with its sub-brand SPII.


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Schaltbau is a global industry leader specializing in DC power and providing products and solutions that that enable electrification. With a broad portfolio of contactors, connectors, switches, and safety components, Schaltbau helps partners and customers solve today’s challenges in rail, energy, and e-mobility. Built on nearly a century of experience, Schaltbau is headquartered in Munich, Germany and represented on all major continents, with over 1,000 employees worldwide.